GMGI addresses critical challenges facing our oceans, human health and the environment through innovative scientific research and education.


Establish a marine biotechnology research institute that is powered by genomics


Create a vibrant science learning environment and train local high school graduates for careers as professional lab technicians

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Promote conditions that encourage the development of a science hub in and around Gloucester

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Gloucester’s 400th Anniversary: Our People, Our Stories

The year 2023 marks 400 years in the history of America’s oldest seaport recognizing its settlement by English colonizers in 1623. GMGI is thrilled to be a Gloucster400 partner and is looking forward to celebrating this incredible anniversary.

For more information, visit Gloucester400

The GMGI Science Hour is back!

The first GMGI Science Hour of the 2023/2024 season is here! Click the link below for details on the December 7th talk featuring biological oceanographer and marine ecologist Dr. Ian Hewson.