Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) was launched in 2013 in the belief that the ocean represents a new source of opportunity. As a not-for-profit whose ambitious mission is to “address critical challenges facing our oceans, human health and the environment through innovative scientific research and education,” GMGI is demonstrating that there is vast potential in marine science discovery powered by genomics.

Gloucester, a 400-year-old port, offers the ideal location and maritime infrastructure for situating the world’s first dedicated marine genomics research institute. The proximity of Cape Ann to the biotechnology hub of Cambridge and Boston allows for easy northward expansion of this economic driver and development of a scientific community here in Gloucester.

GMGI will catalyze the local economy by pursuing a strategy triad that includes:

I. Research Institute

GMGI has established a world-class marine biotechnology research institute, powered by genomics, on the Gloucester waterfront. The primary focus is on research that connects with human health, our oceans and the environment. We are also committed to bringing the best science to fishery research.

II. Education/Academy

GMGI has created a vibrant science learning environment at our facility in Blackburn Center. The Gloucester Biotechnology Academy flagship vocational program educates high school graduates for careers as biotech lab technicians, with a lab-immersion curriculum and paid internships. The Academy also offers educational programs to local middle and high school students.

III. Science Community

GMGI is actively promoting conditions that encourage development of a science community in and around Gloucester by hosting conferences and forging collaborative partnerships. The GMGI vision has brought together pioneering scientists, regional biotechs, community leaders, successful business people and committed educators — all dedicated to this thriving organization.