GMGI Celebrates Ten Years

GMGI, Ten Years Later

Over a decade ago, Gloucester neighbors Joe Rosa, a retired Biogen executive, and Harvard Professor Greg Verdine began exploring how the biotechnology sector, which was exploding a short drive away in Cambridge, might lift a Gloucester economy increasingly hollowed out by decline of its fishing industry.

These discussions expanded to include former Gloucester mayor John Bell, Harvard Medical School Professor Marc Vidal, and other Gloucester residents. They talked about bringing the science of genomics to fisheries management, launching a program to train recent Gloucester High School graduates for successful careers in biotech labs, as well as attracting biotech start-ups on the way to building a science community on Cape Ann.

Ten years later, these discussions have turned into a reality. The organization has grown to nearly 30 employees; Gloucester Biotechnology Academy has doubled the size of its teaching facility, serving 40 students a year, and is currently enrolling students for its eighth class; GMGI’s ambitious research strategy is contributing to new discoveries impacting human health and our environment; and our state-of-the-art research institute has been joined by two research companies at our harborside location, with over 35 additional companies within a 17 mile radius.

And, in the words of our Executive Director, we are just getting started.

Images Through the Years

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