Amanda Baryshyan, PhD

Research Scientist II

Amanda’s research interests lie in developing sustainable technologies using cell culture and engineering. She earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering and her PhD. in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University. Her doctoral work focused on skeletal muscle tissue engineering, using insect stem cells to generate robotic micro-actuators and bovine stem cells for applications in cellular agriculture. Prior to joining GMGI, Amanda worked as a fermentation research scientist in process development and scale-up for Conagen, a company that uses synthetic biology to generate high-value botanical ingredients. She lives in Ipswich and enjoys getting out on the water with her family.


(978)879-4575 ext. 217


Research Interests

Cell and tissue culture involve the isolation and study of cells under controlled conditions, which allows for enhanced understanding of biological processes, development of medical treatments, and creates the potential to produce novel products through biomanufacturing. To date, efforts to develop cell lines and cell culture systems from marine organisms, particularly marine invertebrates, have been met with limited success. Current media formulations and culture parameters have been developed primarily for mammalian cells, whose physiological requirements differ greatly from most marine organisms. In order to expand and enhance the use of marine cells in research and commercial applications, we are developing physiologically relevant culture systems using a systematic approach informed by -omics. By combining appropriate conditions and media with genetic tools and bioprocess systems, we will open new avenues for the study marine organisms, the development of translational models for human disease, and the sustainable production of marine-derived products.


2013 – Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University, Advisor: David Kaplan
2008 – B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tufts University, Medford, MA

Prior Positions

2016 – 2019: Senior Research Scientist, Process Development, Conagen Inc., Bedford, MA
2015 – 2016: Research Scientist, Process Development, Conagen Inc., Bedford, MA
2007: Research Assistant, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, TransForm Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, MA

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Bellas E, Baryshyan AL, Wray L, Kaplan DL. 2012 (1/1/2012). Silk fibroin-based hair and skin care products. US Patent 20,150,079,012, 2015

Research Projects


Baryshyan AL, Domigan LJ, Hunt B, Trimmer BA, Kaplan DL. 2014 . Self-assembled insect muscle bioactuators with long term function under a range of environmental conditions. RSC Advances 4:39962 – 39968.

Baryshyan AL, Woods W, Trimmer BA, Kaplan DL. 2012. Isolation and maintenance-free culture of contractile myotubes from Manduca sexta embryos. PLoS ONE 7(2):e31598.

Lovett M, Rockwood D, Baryshyan A, Kaplan DL. 2010. Simple modular bioreactors for tissue engineering: A system for characterization of oxygen gradients, human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation, and prevascularization. Tissue Engineering Part C 16(6):1565 – 1573.