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GMGI is excited to welcome Chelsea Gardiner to the team as Gloucester Biotechnology Academy’s newest Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Technician. With a background focused on marine biology, invertebrate aquaculture and neuroscience, Chelsea earned her B.S. in Ethology and Animal Behavior

On August 31st, the Class of 2021 – the Academy’s FIFTH cohort – began their nine-month journey. Over half of the group of 15 (reduced from our capacity of 20 to meet COVID-19 regulations) was referred through our alumni network,

On September 3rd, exactly one year from when the Gloucester Biotechnology Class of 2020 first gathered to begin their journeys in science, they met again under a tent on Gloucester Harbor to graduate. The evening kicked off with a firing

Timia Buckley, age 22, enrolled in Gloucester Biotechnology Academy in September 2019 with the intention of completing the nine-month hands-on laboratory training and internship program this past May. She was on track to celebrate her graduation with friends and family

Last December, the GMGI Board of Directors approved a commercialization framework to foster innovation that aligns with our science strategy and surfaces opportunities to realize revenue, diversify income sources and expand the regional economy. A key component of this effort

(Gloucester, MA) On August 31, the Gloucester Biotechnology Academy will open its doors for the Class of 2021 to begin the innovative, life sciences workforce training at Blackburn Center. The Academy is still accepting applications for the few remaining openings.

Researchers at GMGI have been studying the extraordinary lifespan of the red sea urchin, and recently had their research published in Scientific Reports. “Unique age-related transcriptional signature in the nervous system of the long-lived red sea urchin Mesocentrotus franciscanus” was co-authored

While the excitement never wears off, news of GMGI staff being published is something we’ve grown used to hearing.  But earlier this month we celebrated two publications for different reasons.   TWO Academy graduates have received co-authorship on papers published in

(GLOUCESTER, MA) The red sea urchin lives for centuries without showing signs of aging. In a new study titled “Unique age-related transcriptional signature in the nervous system of the long-lived red sea urchin Mesocentrotus franciscanus” scientists at the Gloucester Marine

COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of daily life, with some hitting closer to home than others. Members of the GMGI Board and Academy students are playing important roles in battling the coronavirus. In March, we brought you the story of Emily