Donor Spotlight: Geoffry and Elinor Juviler

Long before meeting one another, getting married, and starting a family, Elinor and Geoffry Juviler grew up spending summers on Cape Ann. Each had their own lineage that now, all these years later, fuels their mutual appreciation for the area. Elinor traces her Cape Ann roots back to A. Piatt Andrew, who had a deep affinity for the ocean, the fisherman and their families. Geoffry’s grandparents lived in Folly Cove for many summers, allowing Geoffry to enjoy the ocean and bike to Rockport so he could sail in Sandy Bay.

After moving to Rockport full time in 2018, the Juvilers have had the opportunity to give back and support the area that means so much to them. Elinor enjoys volunteering for various local groups — including the Open Door and the Rockport Garden Club — while Geoffry volunteers his time on the Rockport Educational Foundation and the Building Study Committee.

Like many others on Cape Ann, Elinor and Geoffry followed the construction of GMGI’s research institute on the harbor and heard updates from friends who were involved early in GMGI’s journey. However, it wasn’t until this past summer that they became passionate about supporting Gloucester Biotechnology Academy, after hearing recent graduates Annie Alto and Cody LaChance talk about their life-changing experiences in the program.

The Academy’s work to provide young adults with the skills needed to start a career in biotechnology and the life sciences resonates deeply with the Juvilers. “Everyone loves a winner, but we are more inclined to support the underdog. When you climb the ladder, it is only right to reach down and help those climb up with you that are willing to try,” Geoffry and Elinor said. “We are thrilled to see this opportunity available to young adults that are navigating life on Cape Ann and beyond.”

In addition to the Academy’s offerings, the Juvilers see the exciting possibilities that GMGI presents to Cape Ann. “Just as the West Coast has Silicon Valley, we see GMGI at the heart of a Saline Valley — where the challenges of today are met by people and companies that incubate within GMGI.”

Geoffry and Elinor look forward to watching GMGI continue to grow and expand its impact. “Our hope is the organization continues to build a steady pool of Academy graduates who see a brighter path and have gained a level of confidence and life skills they hadn’t thought possible.”

If you’re interested in supporting GMGI, please click here or contact Logan Walsh at .