Academy Student hired as GMGI as Intern

Timia Buckley, age 22, enrolled in Gloucester Biotechnology Academy in September 2019 with the intention of completing the nine-month hands-on laboratory training and internship program this past May. She was on track to celebrate her graduation with friends and family when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and halted most of the working world – including her internship at Cell Signaling Technologies in Danvers.

Fortunately, Science Director Andrea Bodnar hired Timia to finish her internship requirements at GMGI this summer prior to graduating this September. She is working with Research Associate Tim O’Donnell, assisting with the analysis of recently collected Jonah crab samples, extracting eDNA from our local waters and processing shellfish samples for Norovirus.

“I have always had a passion for marine life and I knew if I was able to get an internship at GMGI, I would learn more about the biology of the creatures and organisms we work with, while also giving back to my community and our local fisheries,” she said.

The six months she spent in the Academy teaching lab have given her the confidence to jump right into the cutting-edge research being done in the labs at GMGI. “At the Academy they were very strict about ensuring we did everything precisely and with intense attention to detail, and that has helped me feel confident in a lab setting like GMGI,” Timia explained.

Once her internship requirements are fulfilled, Timia hopes to secure a full-time job in biotech and eventually return to school to get a degree in marine biology.