Introducing Kate Castellano, PhD – GMGI’s First Postdoctoral Scientist

We are thrilled to welcome Kate Castellano, PhD, to GMGI as the organization’s first Postdoctoral Scientist!

Prior to GMGI, Kate was a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut, creating and utilizing genomic tools to better understand understudied marine organisms. Her work, and recently defended PhD thesis, focused on two species of tunicates (commonly known as sea squirts) that are experiencing rapid population explosions due to warming oceans. Her other research focus was on creating a chromosome level assembly for the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus, an important evolutionary and biomedical species.

“From the beginning, I’ve been really intrigued by GMGI’s ambitious, innovative research goals and how they fell perfectly in line with my own,” said Kate.

As GMGI’s first ever postdoctoral research scientist, Kate will assist on Dr. Andrea Bodnar’s long-time project studying aging and longevity in the red sea urchin. She’s not only looking forward to using her genomics repertoire on new species and learning new techniques to develop marine species as models for research, but also working with a research team like the one assembled at 417 Main. “Everyone at GMGI is so passionate about their research and I am really excited to be somewhere with such likeminded, enthusiastic individuals,” said Kate.