GMGI Welcomes Three New Team Members

As 2021 comes to a close, the full time GMGI team has increased to 20. Jess Boulton, Sadie Salazar and Carly McCall all joined GMGI within the past month and bring with them a range of experience that will deepen GMGI’s expertise in the laboratory and classroom.

Jess Boulton joins the research team as the first full time microbial research associate. Jess studied at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where she received her Master’s degree in Marine Science and worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant. She hits the ground running, helping to complete the extraction and sequencing of the first 2 years of samples generated as part of our Annisquam River project — investigating the full scale of biodiversity of microbial communities within the Annisquam River Estuary. She’ll also be assisting Research Associate and Laboratory Manager Sam Major with completing our PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid) project culture experiments as part of our Aquafeed project.

Sadie Salazar is the Academy’s newest team member, joining as our Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Technician. Sadie is from Washington, D.C. where she worked as a STEM Teacher at Fusion Academy, a private school dedicated to providing personalized instruction for students who do not thrive in a typical classroom environment. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Sciences from Eckerd College. At the Academy, Sadie will assist with laboratory instruction, experiment preparation, curriculum development, and maintenance of the teaching labs.

Carly McCall joins 417 Main as the third member of the growing Fisheries team. Carly spent the past five years at Florida Tech earning bachelor degrees in Marine Biology and Genetics and a Masters of Science in Conservation Technology. She has worked on a variety of projects associated with the Florida Tech Shark Conservation Lab including forensic ID of bycatch species, phylogenetic analysis of dogfish sharks, and fish community biodiversity assessment using environmental DNA (eDNA). Carly brings her extensive experience to the Fisheries Team at GMGI where she will immediately contribute by using eDNA techniques to better understand winter flounder spawning habitat preferences in Massachusetts waters.

We are thrilled to welcome them all to GMGI!