[Press Release] Survey indicates strong life science and biomanufacturing interest in considering Gloucester as a desirable alternative to locating in Kendall Square

(Gloucester, MA) A recent survey of life sciences leaders and top real estate professionals who serve the life sciences industry indicates that Gloucester and its expanding biotech cluster have positioned the location as a compelling alternative to Kendall Square and Boston’s Seaport District. The survey was administered recently by Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute – gmgi.org — a Gloucester-based biotech and workforce development not-for-profit with a mission to catalyze the Cape Ann economy.

The effort has received strong endorsement from both industry and local economic development leadership.

“The future success of the Massachusetts life sciences industry is contingent on the expansion of clusters beyond Cambridge and Boston. The results from GMGI’s survey are incredibly encouraging, as they not only highlight the exceptional growth of the industry in new regions but also the foundation of biomanufacturing as a critical new area of strength,” said Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, President and COO, MassBio. “We are thrilled to see Gloucester increasingly become one of the most favorable destinations in the state for the industry and look forward to seeing the new opportunities that will arise for new pools of skilled talent as a result.”

“GMGI’s survey clearly confirms strong life sciences interest in the attributes that are driving business – especially life sciences businesses – to Gloucester, specifically its historic waterfront location, ease of commute, workforce development pipeline, lower cost of occupancy and relative proximity to other life sciences organizations. The survey insights are an invaluable gift to Gloucester and the EDIC is grateful for GMGI’s service,” said Tom Balf of Gloucester’s EDIC.

The survey will be used to engage Cape Ann landlords and commercial developers, and to market Gloucester to the life sciences and biomanufacturing industry as a desirable location.

Click here to read the full results of the survey.


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