Cindy Lawley, PhD

Cindy comes from a background in Marine Science and Business Development. She holds a PhD in Biological Oceanography (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD) where she used genetic method as tools to study marine fish populations around the Channel Islands in southern California. She also holds a Master’s in Evolutionary Biology (SDSU), a Bachelor’s of Science and a Single Subject Teaching Credential (UCSB). Cindy worked at Illumina for 13 years, developing genetic and genomic based solutions to improve our understanding of human health as well as production traits in agriculture species. For example, Cindy was part of the award-winning technology transfer project to develop bovine genomic products resulting in a transformation in the dairy industry through implementation of genomic selection. Her mission is to lower the barrier of entry for implementing scalable sequencing and genotyping solutions in the areas of precision breeding, wildlife conservation, fisheries, oceanography and food safety.